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When your journey becomes a spiritual adventure...



Hey there!  I'm a Certified Professional Photographer and a creative at heart.  My tools of choice are a camera and computer.

These tools help me create a way to channel all of the positive and negative energies we feel

throughout the day and help to develop a deeper sense of purpose. Although photography may not always be

monetarily rich in its outcome, the rewards generated by pursuing any true skill or art, result in the

empowerment of mind, body, and spirit; creating a better overall health and spiritual wellness.


Photography has allowed me to further my journey, not only when I might find that I have idle hands,

but also as a way to provide a service.  While interacting with nature, people, and a multitude of surroundings and situations,

I find myself either embraced with achievements or confronted with challenges. All of these experiences together provide not only a

few photos to share, but an adventure to love!

To the high school senior who may be reading this, I would like to help achieve the kind of photos that inspire you.  I know most

of us look to Instagram or magazines for the latest trends, but I challenge you in our sessions to be yourself and

emit a spark of inspiration that is all your own.

I mostly shoot using natural light, but have been known to bring out flash when necessary. 

I am a native Arkansan with Asian and Czechoslovakian descent. Even though Hot Springs

may be considered 'small town South,' I invite you to love and be proud of what our local artisans

have to offer as we strive to create meaningful photos that will last a lifetime.


In my opinion, we are all inspired by the eventful ups and downs of life.  I chose to focus this brand

on a youthful mind and drive that is hardly ever outgrown throughout one's life.  By definition, Wonder means to be 'in awe of'

and the lily plant is symbolic for meaning 'beauty of youth' and 'resurrection.'  I find myself in awe of things everyday...good and bad...sometimes worrying too much about how to learn, how to control, how to understand what I cannot understand. 

'Wonderlily' allows me to create an outlet to channel this mix of emotions and nervous energy, by sharing a way of thinking about nature and spirit in a way that restores ambition and decreases doubt by exemplifying how I should be and reminding me to be grounded in forgiveness and living by the mantra that love is truly all you need.


I am a Certified Professional Photographer and have worked on a variety of sessions - high school seniors, events, weddings, newborns, families and more. I also have a Bachelors of Science in Human Environmental Sciences from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.


High school seniors are truly one of my faves because I get to work with subjects who are

old enough to understand a little bit of the journey that we are on.  At the end of a session, it is not uncommon for our

seniors to conceptualize how we have been using the existing light to work a background or a pose. 

It is all about the light!  I experience success when I get to see others understand how I could truly enjoy what I do and why.

I hope you will message me or give me a call, I would love to work with you! 

- Genevieve Townley, CPP

Thank you to my clients, friends, and family for your support!



About my shooting style...

About the Brand - Wonderlily

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